Core Informatics Delivers A Core LIMS Applicance to VCU

Core Informatics Delivers A Core LIMS Appliance to Virginia Commonwealth University

Branford, CT and Richmond, VA, May 30, 2007.- Core Informatics announces that it has delivered a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) Appliance to Virginia Commonwealth University’s (VCU) Department of Pharmacy. Scientists at VCU will utilize the system to manage their nucleic acid and tissue sample inventory as well as their associated experimental results.

The Core LIMS Appliance is an extremely powerful web-based Laboratory Information Management System. The product is primarily intended for small academic or startup labs working on a tight budget. The system is designed to be a turnkey solution: “Power it up and it runs.”

“This is a huge benefit for small labs that have little or no IT support staff,” said James Gregory, Chief Software Architect of Core Informatics. “It’s a simple yet powerful solution with all the flexibility and key features we’ve built into our full-scale Enterprise LIMS System.” Any of the components of Core Informatic’s customized LIMS systems can be incorporated into the Core LIMS appliance. Customers have the option to select only the components required to meet their research needs. Core Informatics custom builds each Core LIMS Appliance to match their clients’ requirements and delivers it to their facility so their data management can begin the day the appliance arrives. As their clients needs evolve, Core Informatics can easily upgrade their clients to either a Hosted or Enterprise LIMS system.

About Core Informatics

Core Informatics is a software company focused on delivering state of the art, fully customized Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) to customers in a variety of industries. Their signature product, The Core LIMS, is a web based LIMS that features a component based architecture, which provides its clients the freedom to pick and choose only the functionality relevant to their specific research. The members of Core Informatics project teams average over 10 years of experience building custom LIMS software for a variety of markets. They have become an outstanding LIMS resource because they put their clients on a solid data management foundation while improving the overall efficiency of their organization. Their client list encompasses major biotechnology leaders as well as other research and development companies in a variety of industries. The company provides its products via three modes of delivery: LIMS Appliances, Hosted LIMS and Enterprise LIMS. For further information about Core Informatics, please visit