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Core Informatics provides state of the art laboratory data management solutions to leading biopharma, genomics, and other scientific organizations. Solutions are highly configurable and allow customers to manage data end-to-end across workflows in the 100% web- and cloud-based Platform for Science. Our solutions help labs to improve data quality and efficiency.


Configure. Adapt. Extend.

The Core Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) provides capabilities for the collection, sharing, analysis, and archive of scientific data. Pre-built workflows get labs up and running quickly and can be easily configured to meet the exact specifications of your lab. The Core LIMS can automate your workflows, manage your samples and data, and integrate with instruments and software from your preferred vendors. The information in the LIMS can be reported on, shared, analyzed, and audited.

The Core LIMS increases the efficiency of scientific processes by enabling users to manage data in a secure, 100% web- and cloud-based environment. New data types and workflows are simple to add in the Core LIMS, with no custom code — simplifying maintenance and upgrades. The Core LIMS works with instruments and consumables from the vendors you choose. The Core LIMS can be integrated with your other systems and software tools with our standards-based OData API available in Core Connect.


Capture. Automate. Integrate.

The Core Scientific Data Management System (SDMS) automates data capture from laboratory instrument systems in combination with the Core LIMS and Core ELN. The automated loading and parsing functionality of the SDMS increases lab efficiency, streamlines data capture, and protects data integrity by reducing the chance for human / manual errors.

When the Core SDMS detects a new file in an instrument’s network file system, the appropriate file parser loads the information into the Platform for Science. The data is then immediately accessible via the Core LIMS, ELN, and other applications built on the Platform for Science.


Design. Experiment. Analyze.

The Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) by Core Informatics provides capabilities for designing, storing, organizing and reporting on your research. Easily create new notebooks and entries, record experimental data, find and edit existing entries, and witness and sign entries and notebooks. The Core ELN enables organizations and scientists to seamlessly share data and results with colleagues and external collaborators on any connected device in a secure, 100% web-and cloud-based environment.

The Core ELN is built on the Platform for Science, enabling linkages to data in the Core LIMS from the same user interface. Any entity stored in the Core LIMS can be associated with any ELN entry. These cross-platform associations enable end-to-end visibility across your experiments, reduce risk from data re-entry or manual errors by leveraging existing data, and can be used to help identify sources of error and improve processes.


Communicate. Innovate. Share.

Effective collaboration is the key to accelerating research and improving efficiency. Core Collaboration is a quickly configurable collaborative solution providing research partners with immediate, securely sequestered access to appropriate project information.

A private, multi-tenant instance of Core Collaboration allows for real-time data and document sharing, speeding timelines and safe-guarding research data with partners around the world. Collaboration Spaces can be created within hours on the Platform for Science. Core products (LIMS, ELN, SDMS) as well as applications immediately populate Collaboration Spaces according to pre-determined customer specifications. Core Collaboration allows for rapid data exchange and knowledge sharing between Collaboration Spaces as well as with legacy application and data sources.

Core Collaboration: Empower your researchers to work side-by-side, all around the world.


Integrate. Harmonize. Explore.

Core Connect enables communication between the Platform for Science and other software systems, and cuts the time needed to create these integrations. Core’s standards-based OData API is a key feature of Core Connect. Save time and money by leveraging OData libraries to integrate with thousands of software applications. Core Connect can also trigger actions in external systems and notify users of changes.

Core Connect was built to meet the needs of developers and end users who need to integrate data across a variety of proprietary databases, programming languages, and applications.


Build. Discover. Evolve.

The Platform for Science is the underlying data management infrastructure designed to support workflows across your scientific organization. This flexible, extensible, cloud-based platform helps you easily collect, store, access, share and use your scientific data.

All Core Informatics solutions work together on top of the Platform for Science, to support data capture across your scientific workflows. Solutions consist of apps, designed to have you up and running quickly. Changes to these solutions are made through configurations, not custom code. These changes are immediately available throughout the platform and are reflected in Core’s standards-based OData API.

Designed to run on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, the Platform for Science’s services and compute power can scale along with your needs. Core Informatics is a member of the APN Life Sciences Competency, and provides validated cloud deployment options.

Our Platform, Products, and Apps Work Together Seamlessly to Provide Scientific Data Management Solutions

Core Informatics Products

Core Informatics Products

Learn More about Core’s Approach to Lab Data Management

All products, solutions and applications in the Core Informatics data management suite run on the Platform for Science, a 100% web-based, highly configurable scientific informatics platform. The Platform for Science database can be used by researchers in any science, on any device over any web browser. Core LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems), Core ELN (Electronic Lab Notebooks), Core SDMS (Scientific Data Management Systems) and Core Collaboration are all designed to work together seamlessly.

The Platform for Science database is extensible, cost effective and user friendly. The system can be configured to meet customers’ needs without any custom coding. Our products are rapidly deployed and highly configurable, which reduces time and resources necessary to create a scientific informatics solution designed to fit your needs. The systems require no client software installation and are available as a hosted or installed solution.

The Platform for Science allows you to pick and choose which Core Informatics products, solutions and applications you want to deploy in your lab. Each instance of the Platform for Science includes the database and supporting cloud or server infrastructure, and the additional apps your lab selects.

There is no “cookie cutter” deployment from Core Informatics. All of our products are designed with configuration in mind. The Platform for Science is a flexible environment which grows along with your lab, allowing you to choose only those capabilities that fit your unique R&D needs.

Core Informatics products are designed to increase the efficiency of R&D labs. The Core Informatics team interviews the key players in your organization and identifies the needs of each group. We document workflows and help you determine which components of our system would be best configured to fit the needs of your lab and the over-arching needs of your organization, today and tomorrow.

A cloud based informatics solution from Core Informatics is cost effective and designed to grow with your lab as your needs change over time. The Platform for Science is offered as the basis of our cloud-based software solution, but an on premises deployment is also available for organizations which have strict regulatory requirements. All Core Informatics products, solutions and applications are designed with an interlocking system which allows them to run together on the Platform for Science. This component-based software architecture allows your organization to select only the LIMS, ELN, SDMS and Collaboration features and functionality it needs.

Every lab is different and our team works with you to create a system specifically configured to your workflow. Our team is made up of former lab scientists who fundamentally understand the needs of a laboratory. We don’t just hand over a system, we become your partner and consultant.

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